Teaching Experience

  • 2011- Present, Boston Latin School, Boston Public Schools

    • Modern Foreign Languages Department, Chinese Languages and Cultures, Comprehensive Chinese, Grade 7-12

  • 2007-2011, Jackson-Mann K-8 School, Boston Public Schools

    • Foreign Language Chinese Teacher - Advanced Work Classes, Grade 4-6 and Middle School, Grade 6-8

  • 2004-2010 The Chinese Language School, 中華語文學校

    • Chinese Teacher - Regular classes for heritage Chinese students and the bilingual classes for learning Mandarin Chinese as a foreign language, Grade 6-12

  • 2000-2007, Boston Public Schools

    • The Timilty Middle School, the Jackson-Mann School, the Ellis Elementary School, the Winthrop Elementary School and the Farragut Elementary School
    • Foreign Language Chinese Teacher in five schools - Advanced Work Classes (AWC), Grade 4-6



Shan-Lee Liu, Ed. D.

  • 1989-1990, University of Massachusetts at Amherst

    • School of Education, Teaching Assistant
    • Course: “Pre-Practicum: Child Study”
    • Course: “Child Study and Diversity”

  • 1988-1989, University of Massachusetts at Amherst​

    • The New World Day School, Administrative Assistant
    • The Grass Root Day School, Teaching Assistant, Age 3 to 5


  • 2015,  The Adobe Youth Voices Creative Educator Award, The Adobe Foundation & EDC Team

  • 2009,  Honored Senior Teacher Award 海華資深教師獎  The Association of Chinese Schools, the United States of America 美東中文學校協會

  • ​2003,  Teacher Excellency Award 優良教師獎  The Boston Taiwanese Chamber of Commerce, Massachusetts, the United States of America

Web Developer

2015, Liu, Shan-Lee, Classroom website http://blschinese.weebly.com/ 

2014, Liu, Shan-Lee , http://shanleeliu.businesscatalyst.com 

2013, Liu, Shan-Lee, http://digitalmediachinese.wikispaces.com/

2013, Liu, Shan-Lee, http://shanleeliueportfolio.wikispaces.com/ 

  • 1999-2000, Boston Public Schools

    • ​​The Josiah Quincy Upper School, Foreign Language Chinese Teacher, Grade 6-8

  • 1997-1999, Cambridge Public Schools
    • The Martin Luther King K-8 School, Foreign Language Chinese Teacher, Grade K-8

  • 1991-1992, Harvard University

    • The Oxford Street Daycare Cooperative​​ Infant Head Teacher, Age 6 months to 1 and half years old.


​​​Personal Profile

​Came to the United States of America in 1987, I am a native Chinese speaker fluent in Mandarin and Taiwanese. Grew up in Taiwan. I earned my Master and Doctor Degrees of Education from University of Massachusetts at Amherst, U.S.A. I enjoy teaching and learning with students from all walks of life. Integrating technology, digital media and clinical research with universal design for learning is my instructional focus. I believe everyone can learn languages and 21st century skills with proficiency. 

Teaching Philosophy

I love to connect pre-K-16 languages curricula with career readiness and life-long learning. Deepen languages understanding, cultural appreciation and humanity through classic and digital literacy is my passion. Integration of cutting edge technology, social responsibility, global collaboration and creativity is my lifelong dedication.


  • 1994, Doctor of Education, Human Development, University of Massachusetts at Amherst, U, S. A. 
  • 1989, Master of Education, Child Development, University of Massachusetts at Amherst, U. S. A. 
  • 1986, Bachelor of Arts, Political Science, Soochow University 東吳大學, Taipei, Taiwan 


  • 2008 - present, Massachusetts Licensed Educator, Professional, Foreign Language - Chinese, PreK - 9
  • 2014 - present, Massachusetts Licensed Educator, Professional, Foreign Language - Chinese, 5 -12
  • 2019 - present, Massachusetts Licensed Supervisor Director, Initial, Foreign Language, PreK - 12


Conference Presentation​

2018, Liu, Shan-Lee

  • Massachusetts Foreign Languages Association (MaFLA) annual conference. Chinese Strand. . Languages and Technology to Extend our World and Expand our Mind. Presented on October 27, 2018.

2017, Liu, Shan-Lee

  • Massachusetts Foreign Languages Association (MaFLA). Proficiency for All Students. Annual Conference. Chinese Strand. . Presented on October 28, 2017.

2017, Liu, Shan-Lee

2016, Liu, Shan-Lee & Students

2016, Scott, N. McChane, K. Wright, A. & Liu, S. L.

2015, Liu, Shan-Lee & Students

2014, Liu, Shan-Lee & Students

2013, Liu, Shan-Lee

2012, Liu, Shan-Lee & Kane, Anthony J.

  • Confucius and Exemplary Teaching: Connecting the East with the West. Presented at the 2012 Massachusetts Foreign Language Association Annual Conference

2011, Liu, Shan-Lee

  • Apply AAPPL into the Everyday Mandarin Chinese Classroom. Presented at the 2011 Massachusetts Foreign Language Association Annual Conference

2010, Liu, Shan-Lee

  • Lesson design for every student. Presented at the semi-annual conference of the New England Chinese Teachers Association

2009, Liu, Shan-Lee

  • What’s next? Best technology for better communication in Mandarin Chinese. Presented at the 2009 Massachusetts Foreign Language Association annual conference 

2008, Liu, Shan-Lee,

  • Are we there yet? Life-long learning for non-heritage Chinese speakers. Presented at the 2008 Massachusetts Foreign Language Association annual conference

2007, Cheng, Jill, Liu, Shan-Lee & Hwang, Mei-Ju

  • Strategies for teaching Chinese to children in grade K-6. Presented at the 2007 Conference of Massachusetts Foreign Language Association

2005, Liu, Shan-Lee & Watt, John

  • The story of Liang Shanbo and Zhu Ingtai and its significance for later generations 蝴蝶夢: 梁山伯與祝英台. Presented at the Primary Source Summer Institute - Flight of the peacock: Exploring Chinese literature

2005, Liu, Shan-Lee

  • Filial Piety in the Modern Chinese language classroom 孝順與現代中文教學. Presented at the Northeast Conference on the Teaching of Foreign Language

2004, Liu, Shan-Lee,

  • Teaching classic Chinese theories in modern Chinese language classes 結合中國古典文學與現代中文教學. Presented at the 38th Conference of Massachusetts Foreign Language Association

2004, Liu, Shan-Lee

  • 在歷史的脈絡下學習中國語言和文化. Presented at the 美東中文學校協會二零零四年教學會議

2003, Liu, Shan-Lee & Wu, Hai-Ming

  • From silk road to Baghdad 從絲路到巴格達. Presented at the 37th Conference of Massachusetts Foreign Language Association

1996, Liu, Shan-Lee & Craig, Grace J.

  • From filial piety to filial maturity: Identities of Taiwanese families in transition. Presented at the XIV biennial conference of the International Society for the Study of Behavioural Development at the Quebec City, Canada

1996, Liu, Shan-Lee

  • Negotiation and transformation: Intergenerational relationships throughout lifetime. Presented at the conference, The Child at Context, School of Education, University of Massachusetts at Amherst

 1996, Liu, Shan-Lee,

  • Negotiation and transformation: Future of Asian Americans in the making. Presented at the Asian American Conference, Amherst College

1995, Liu, Shan-Lee,

  • From filial piety to filial maturity: Identity of Asian Americans in transition. Presented at the 12th National Conference of the Association for Asian American Studies, Oakland, CA

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​​​Committee Member

2019 - Present, Member, ACTFL Award Committee

  • ACTFL  IALLT Technology in K-12 Award Committee

2014  -  Present, Member, Board of Directors

2009  -  Present, Member, Board of Directors

  • New England Chinese Teachers Association (NECTA), 新英格蘭中文教師專業協會

2010 - 2013, Member, Board of Directors

  • Chinese Strand, Massachusetts Foreign Language Association (MaFLA)

1999 - 2012, Member,  Steering Committee 

  • Foreign Language Department, Belmont Public Schools

2012 - Present

  • Committee memberChinese (Mandarin) Content Advisory Committee for the Massachusetts Tests for Educators Licensure (MTEL), Massachusetts Department of Elementary & Secondary Education

2012 - Present, 

  • Subcommittee member, The world language content area pedagogy subcommittee, the High Expertise Teaching Projet (HET), Massachusetts Department of Elementary & Secondary Education

2011 - Present,

  • Manuscript reviewerSocial Development


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